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What Can Be Stored?

One of the main reasons people use our service is to try and give them some cheap solutions when they are moving home.

When people call up our friendly customer services team they often ask what it is possible to store as part of our leading mobile self storage service. Continue reading below to get the answers. There are some prohibited items that cannot be stored in a mobile storage unit.

These include toxic, hazardous and flammable materials such as aerosols, gasoline, motor oil, acid, cleaners, chemicals, fertilizer, drugs, weapons, explosives, ammunition, fireworks, etc. You also cannot store animals, plants, money, stolen goods, precious stones and metals, collectables (stamps, coins, etc.), perishable food products.

Store a wide variety of items and belongings
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As such, most people use our mobile self storage pods for various family belongings. These secure storage pods are ideal for people who are downsizing and looking for somewhere to store things which would clutter their new smaller home, or even for those of you looking to move overseas.

That said, people have been very creative with their self storage, both for home and business.

Furniture, boxes, appliances and more can all be stored with us

One of the main reasons people use our service is to try and give them some cheap solutions when they are moving home. Many people are even choosing mobile self storage instead of removals companies, preferring to pack up their belongings themselves and put them in storage, knowing that we will then deliver them to their new address across the UK.

Only load your items once thanks to our mobile storage solutions

Many people who are running online stores use our storage pods as a simple warehouse, knowing that their stock will be back with them as and when they need it, allowing them to make the bulk orders that can save a house starter business a fortune without having to worry about where to put it all.

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Pods available in different sizes for even your largest belongings

The way that mobile self storage works is essentially to bring you your very own container of storage space, saving you the time, cost and effort of transporting things yourself or going to the trouble of hiring a van.

Secure storage methods for your valuable items, giving you peace of mind

It is also the ideal way to keep various rarely used equipment safe and sound. If you enjoy diving or surfing or skiing, in fact any number of sports where you have an awful lot of gear for what is probably only a couple of weeks use a year, why not give Handy Mobile Storage a call and let us pop everything in one of our secure storage pods.

Round-the-clock security for the protection of your goods

For the 50 weeks of the year that you aren’t using them, they aren’t in the way, they aren’t getting damaged, they are just in perfect condition for when you really need them.

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