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One Mobile Storage Trailer Can Take Your Home Storage Troubles Away

Handy Mobile Storage knows that almost everybody struggles for home storage space. With Dad’s old punk records, Mum’s old family photo collection, and the children that constantly accumulate the latest space hogging trends, video games, clothes every few months and old toys. Space can get tight. Never mind when they disappear to University and bring back endless clutter - you’d have to have a house the size of Wales sometimes!

Well luckily our fantastic mobile self-storage service is here to help. Our storage units are available to any homes in the region and we’ll be perfect for any of your home storage requirements. Our self-storage prices are unbeatable, and we’ve got great customer service to match, so there’s really no reason not to call 020 8610 9255 today!

Your Benefits

  • Pod delivered direct to your door
  • No need to hire, fuel and refuel a van
  • No need to leave your home
  • No hidden extras
  • Free delivery and return

A faster and easier way to store your items without having to worry

If you’re faced with throwing out old family heirlooms or precious childhood memories then there is another way. We’ll deliver our nifty mobile storage unit to your location and leave it in a convenient and accessible place. You can then load it up at your leisure, and then we’ll return to drive it away. It really is as easy as that, no complications and no hassle. Our units are suitable for any household items including furniture or antiques and we can provide a self-storage price to fit any budget.

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Get a storage pod delivered right to your front door to save you time

There’s really no need to worry, all of our storage facilities are clean, dry and secure so nothing inside with be damaged in any way whether it is outside your home or in our own facility, which boasts round the clock security and state of the art intruder preventing systems.

Cheap rates to save you money, with competitive costs you’ll love

Talking of moves, if you’re moving away overseas for a few years why not have your items stored on your doorstep, and then taken away by our experienced team. It will save you hours of time and frustration at what is already a stressful time.

For long-term storage our great rates just get better and better, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your favourite possessions and belongings are 100% safe. If you find that you need another mobile self storage unit, we’ll simply bring an empty one round in a heartbeat, and take the full one off your hands. We are here to help you, so if there is anything that you need, just ask us.

We’ll collect your storage pod once you’ve filled it

Maybe it is time for you to move house, well a mobile storage facility can be loaded up at a time that suits you to save you time on moving day. We can also park it in the best possible location to minimise the distance that boxes have to be carried over.

Innovative and speedy storage solutions to save you time and money

Because Handy Mobile Storage differs from traditional self-storage, we’ll do all of the ferrying to and fro, and you don’t have to load up your car hire a van, only to unload and reload at your chosen storage facility. You simply load up your storage unit and we take it away and redeliver it at your convenience.

We’ll do all of the legwork, so all you really need to do is phone 020 8610 9255 and explain your requirements to our friendly and helpful customer service team, and we’ll arrange everything else for you.

You can receive a free, no obligation quotation if you call so there is no reason to delay. With the best storage prices in the area, using our team is a real no-brainer. Don’t settle for less, we’re waiting to hear from you.

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