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Put Your Possessions in a Safe Place with Storage on Site from Us

Handy Mobile Storage offers the best prices for self storage on site, so your storage needs don’t have to break the bank. With friendly staff, great prices, and prompt delivery and removal the time has never been better to call our team today and get your domestic or commercial projects started today.

When you ask us to look after your storage requirements, we’ll be there in a heartbeat with our innovative, mobile storage unit. Our driver will be sure to leave it in an easy accessible and convenient location of your choosing. You can then keep your self-storage facility for as long as you like, and with our flexible pricing structure you’ll be sure to find a length of time that suits you. If you find that you need us to take our storage facility back early, that’s fine too, and the same rule applies if you want to keep it for longer. Just get in touch with our team on 020 8610 9255 and we’ll amend the booking. With our storage service, you’ll only pay for the days that you use.

What can be stored

You can use your on-site storage facility for absolutely anything that you want.

Many of our clients and customers have found it extremely helpful during extensive home or business renovation projects. It can be very useful to store expensive tools and equipment in a ready-made secure storage room that will withstand all forms of dreadful weather to keep your possessions in great condition for when you need them.

People have even used our storage spaces for hired lawnmowers and all of the gardening tools for extensive landscaping projects.

On-site storage units with high security measures to keep your items safe

For storage on site that is safe, secure, waterproof, convenient, spacious, clean, mobile and affordable with flexible timescales, we are here for you. We’ll guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. What are you waiting for!?

Inexpensive storage solutions when you need more space

If you’re looking for a self-storage unit for commercial use or for office storage, we have great partnerships with local businesses and would be happy to discuss a pricing strategy to meet customers’ looking for repeat business.

Our self-storage units are ideal for on-site storage of stock preventing you from running out of stock of your best selling products. If you’re short on space, a mobile storage room is perfect solution and could even see your profits on the rise because our clients never have to tell their customers’ that they’re waiting for a delivery.

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Safe and secure storage pods both delivered and collected for fast storage

Storage on site is a great solution, saving you the hassle of driving all the way to your nearest storage facility and loading and unloading. At Handy Mobile Storage we have designed our units to be compact, but spacious so they can sit inconspicuously in your garden whilst providing ample space for a huge range of large, heavy items.

Fast storage solutions that are perfect if you’re in a hurry

With so many uses for a mobile storage device, and the option of having your storage unit delivered to a mobile storage facility, you’d be crazy to go anywhere else for your storage requirements.

Offer you great prices and save you hours of time leaving a convenient, safe, secure storage facility that is extremely versatile. Whoever you are and whatever you need, you’ll love our nifty storage units.

Contact us on 020 8610 9255 today and learn how easy and affordable our top notch service is.

Mobile storage that saves you time and effort

The mobile storage room arrives on-time precisely when you need it and if you need another, we’ll happily store one and swap them over. Rest assured that your valuables are safe and secure because our rooms are fully lockable and we’ve taken every precaution using local locksmiths to make them 100% secure from theft and arson. They are also waterproof and insect-proof so precious, electrical or upholstered items will be completely safe and secure.

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