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Office Storage Options to Keep Your Business Ideas Safe

You’ll be delighted to hear that our reputable mobile and on-site self-storage company is also available for commercial hire and office storage. Our clients have found that an on-site mobile self-storage unit can have an incredible variety of uses, and we are passionate about supporting local business- which is reflected in our pricing structure. For specific quotes and specific requirements for your business, feel free to contact our friendly customer service team on 020 8610 9255 and find out exactly how we can help.

Many offices and office floors find themselves in need of more storage, whether it is archives or filing cabinets there is so much that can clog up your office space that isn’t necessarily in use every day.

Secure mobile office storage solutions for your office equipment

With our flexible and responsive service, you can store all of your surplus items in our mobile storage unit that can be delivered and taken away at your command. Because we understand that you may need items at short notice, we can prioritise your storage unit so we can deliver is quickly at a moment’s notice.

As our mobile storage unit is driven away and stored, there is no need for it be unloaded and reloaded, we simply hook it up and deliver it back to you. All of our storage facilities are completely secure and insured, so you’ll have no worries about your precious equipment or paperwork.

No need to travel to store your belongings

Whatever your storage requirements, we are the team to call. Keeping your equipment and other accessories on site for a reasonable fee can free up your office space whilst retaining ease of access.

Office storage specialists with professional services and affordable prices

We don’t just do storage, if you’re expanding your business or downsizing we can look after the entire move for you. No need to call heavy handed removals companies, our experienced and conscientious team can do all of your loading and unloading for you. If you’d rather load up the storage space yourself that’s absolutely fine too, we’ll leave the storage unit with you until you ask for it to be moved.

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Storage solutions of all shapes and sizes for your office goods

There’s really no need to worry, all of our storage facilities are clean, dry and secure so nothing inside with be damaged in any way whether it is outside your home or in our own facility, which boasts round the clock security and state of the art intruder preventing systems.

Competitive rates and cheap prices suitable for any business budget

There are 1000 reasons why Handy Mobile Storage will be perfect for your storage or relocation, and because we know thing don’t always go perfectly to plan in the business world, we are very flexible to work around your last minute arrangements.

We can offer you a prompt delivery and removal of a state of the art, easily parked mobile storage to use for whatever you need to do. And our self-storage prices are certainly the best that you’ll find. We pride ourselves on our ability to make arrangements work, and to provide a memorable service. That’s how we’ve built a fantastic reputation amongst our clients and we’re receiving more and more phone calls every on ‘word of mouth’ advertising.

No hidden fees or surprise costs with our reliable pricing structure

We are 100% dedicating to helping your business to grow and develop, and affordable, flexible and mobile secure storage is a sure fire way to make that happen. Call the no.1 team today on 020 8610 9255 and we’d love to start working with your company.

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