Taking a gap year: moving your items into storage

Whether you’re already a year or so into university, just about to begin or even just finished your degree, taking a gap year can be an exciting adventure that’s not worth missing. But what can you do with your possessions while you’re travelling around the globe? It can be a tricky problem to solve, but that’s where mobile self storage comes in. Flexible to your needs and ideal for people looking to disappear for a few weeks, a few months or a few years, mobile storage can be booked for as long as you like and is the perfect storage solution for gap year adventurers.

Why self storage?

When it comes to storing your items ready for a gap year there are a number of options you can choose from, so why self storage? Mobile self storage is extremely flexible and can be booked to suit the amount of items you need to store, the type of storage and the duration of storage you require, so you know you’re getting a solution that’s ideal for you.
Self storage is also perfect for those who don’t wish to add to their travelling before they disappear on a long journey to the other size of the world. Unlike traditional storage solutions, mobile self storage allows you to store your items from the comfort of your own home. You can fit your storage in with the rest of your hectic schedule and have it delivered at a time that suits you. Once it’s by your front door, you have the freedom to pack it at your own convenience, with no pressure or time limits in place. Once your items have been packed away your storage experts will pick them up ready for storage in a safe facility, so you don’t have to keep unpacking and repacking your things and you also avoid a journey.

Mobile self storage is the perfect solution for gap year students in particular, who often have a large amount of items to store but no place to store them. Rather than paying rent on unused accommodation just to store your possessions, you can choose self storage so you pay a small monthly or yearly fee and keep your items safe at a minimal cost. Gap year travellers also benefit from being able to keep all of their items and not having to throw them away for the sake of a few months or a year abroad, so you’ll be ready to start your life when you return.

Getting ready for your year

Before your items go into self storage it may be worth removing the unnecessary objects and furnishings that take up valuable storage space. By removing all of the items you know you won’t need after your trip you can reduce the size of storage unit that you need and so reduce the price of your storage package. Although de-cluttering is hard, it beneficial in the long run and can be undertaken as part of your packing process.

When getting ready for self storage it’s also important to make sure you don’t store items you may require during your gap year. By planning your trip in advance you can make sure you have everything important with you until you return. Of course, if you do pack important items without realising it’s very easy to get access to your storage container and remove everything you need at short notice. So even if you need to pick up a last minute item the day before you leave, you won’t struggle to do so.

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