Staying in fashion – storing your clothes

Fashions change quickly but it can be difficult for your wardrobe to keep up with the rapid transformation in views and styles. You might find one day that the clothes stored in your home are very out of date and not fit to be seen on the high street, but whatever the current fashion, it is always difficult to predict which fashions will return in the future.

Storing your clothes

The perfect solution to your full and out of date wardrobe is to clear some space. It’s impossible to keep with the fashion crowd if you don’t have any room to store the latest trends. Your first thought may be to throw away all of your old clothes, but sometimes it’s hard to part with some items, especially if they look almost new or you really enjoyed wearing them in the past. Another difficult issue that surrounds the discarding of clothes is the constant circle of trends that seem to repeat each and every decade. This common phenomenon often sees trendy clothes fall out of fashion before becoming popular in a matter of years. And, naturally, this can make it difficult to throw away currently unwanted items that were once popular.

This is where storage comes in. Helping you to clear space in your wardrobe while ensuring you don’t throw away anything that may once again be in fashion, mobile self storage allows you to keep your clothes under lock and key in a safe facility until the world is ready to see them again. With 24 hour surveillance, exclusive access for a limited number of people and weather proof units, self storage will ensure that your items of clothing remain in perfect condition, no matter how long it takes for them to come back into fashion.

To keep or to store?

Self storage does make it easy to cling on to all of your clothes, but there are some things that just do not need to be kept. Most notably, any items of clothing with holes in that were not created intentionally. Although the distressed and broken look has been in and out of fashion for the last few years, any items of clothing that have had holes created naturally should not be kept or stored away. This also goes for any shoes that have completely lost their soles. Although it is very sad to lose your favourite pair of shoes, it’s easy to become lazy and continue to wear them even once they’ve warn down. For this reason it is important to throw them away as soon as this problem occurs.

Any items that can be stored, such as clean, brand new and potentially fashionable clothes, should be taken away via mobile self storage to reduce the hassle experienced during the storage process. Mobile self storage involves the delivery of a tailored storage unit straight to your home, where you can pack away your clothes at your own leisure and convenience. So no matter how long it takes for you to look through your outfits, your storage experts are happy to wait or return when you call them and let them know you are finished. Once picked up, your storage unit will be taken to a secure facility where you can access your clothes as often as you wish to. Whether it takes a week, a month or a year for your clothes to jump back in to fashion, self storage is the ideal option and provides the flexibility and high level of security expected by any and all fashion connoisseurs.

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