Moving quickly – what to remember

It’s always preferable to plan your move in advance, but sometimes it’s necessary to move quickly. If that’s the case then it’s important to make sure you’re ahead of the game and ready to go as soon as you need to be. From organising your journey to organising your accommodation, planning ahead is the key to a smooth move.

Take advantage of self storage

The first step in organising a quick moving day is to make sure you have as little to move as possible. By putting your excess furniture and appliances into self storage you can make sure many of the big items are out of the way before the big day arrives. During your sorting you can also de-clutter your home, making sure that all of your unnecessary possessions are thrown out or donated to charity so that you don’t drag unneeded items to your new home.

Mobile self storage is the perfect solution for a quick move and reduces the amount of travelling you have to do during an already stressful period. Rather than having to pack up your items and unpack them the storage facility, you can have your chosen storage unit delivered to your home, ready for you to pack up at your convenience. When your items are safely stored inside the storage team will then collect your unit and take it back to the facility for you, so you have all of the benefits of storage without any of the hassle.

Know your moving day

Although it’s not always feasible to plan every aspect of your move, it is beneficial to ensure that you have as much control over your day as possible. Once you know the location of your new home you can begin to plan the main part of your day: the travel. Start by deciding what you’re taking with you in the car. Are you driving a hired van or just driving a car down? Are you meeting a removal van or are they following you? Once you know how long your journey will be you can also ensure that you’re fully equipped for the car ride. Particularly when you’re travelling with children it is important to make sure you have enough food and entertainment to keep you going.

Another aspect of your move that should be considered are children and animals. Particularly when you have a long journey or a long day ahead of you it’s important to make sure animals are taken into account and children are entertained throughout the process. Where children are involved and you’re moving only a short distance away, it may be beneficial to have a friend or relation drive them up separately so you can spend the first half of the day unpacking without distractions. This can also be applied to animals, particularly dogs, who may get in the way when items are being moved into the house. For longer journeys, children and pets may have to travel with you in the car. If this is the case then entertainment, food and water is all very important to ensure a comfortable ride. Both children and pets should also be kept at a comfortable temperature and be safely strapped in at all times. With a full car, it may be necessary to hire a separate van as a safety precaution even if you don’t have a lot to transport; if you have children and pets in the car it’s may not be safe of comfortable to have furniture and other possessions tied to the seats.

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