Mobile self storage: storage for your business

No matter how big your business, it’s often a struggle to find warehouse and storage facilities that can be tailored to your needs and fitted around your stock. Often expensive and set to a rigid package structure, self storage can be costly and involve a great deal of travel with large amounts of stock and other items. However, the introduction of mobile self storage solutions removes the negatives in self storage, so if you choose the right company you’d reap the rewards.

Always flexible

Mobile self storage services are often extremely flexible and allow business owners to choose their storage based on their needs. Whether you’re looking for large amounts of storage for huge quantities of stock items or a small storage unit for excess office furniture, you can find the storage option that’s right for your company. Once you’ve chosen the right size for you, your unit can then be delivered to your office or business premises at your convenience, so you don’t need to worry about travelling to the secure storage facility or hiring a van to travel for you. Instead, mobile storage can be delivered to a place that’s convenient and at a time that suits you.

Once delivered, your storage unit can be filled at your leisure and then taken back to the storage facility with your storage experts, so you don’t have to waste any time transporting your items. And the flexibility doesn’t stop there. As soon as your mobile storage unit is on site you can have full access at any time, so you can add and remove items whenever you please. Unlike with long term warehouse lets, self storage facilities are also able to help you transfer your items if you’d like to move them to a larger storage unit or a different location.

Safe and secure

Mobile self storage services are the perfect way to keep your items safe from the moment they leave your offices. Unlike van hire, mobile storage can be packed as you please and you can take your time to make sure everything is in the perfect place. When you hire vehicles for transportation you risk damage as items are moved in and out of different vans and rooms, but with self storage you only need to pack once, reducing the risk of breakage.

The security of self storage doesn’t stop there. If you choose to use warehouses or other rented or purchased business storage options you risk the loss of your items through the inevitable lack of security in and around the building. However, with self storage you benefit from 24 hour surveillance and a large team of trained experts to make sure everything stays safe and secure at all times. Whether you’re storing expensive equipment or sensitive information, self storage staff will ensure everything is kept under lock and key for the during of its stay.

A helping hand

It’s not easy trying to sort storage issues while you’re trying to run a business, but with self storage you no longer have to worry about going it alone. Rather than attempting to deal with multiple issues and companies, you can now deal with just one thanks to the convenience of mobile storage. One company will arrange, deliver, remove and store your items without any help from you. And if you’re struggling to find time to pack, most storage companies will help you with that, too, so you can just point out your items and carry on running your business, safe in the knowledge that your equipment and documents are in the hands of experts.

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