Changing office: keep your business running smoothly with mobile self storage

Corporate and business moves can be even more challenging than normal moves due to the large amounts of company owned objects, the sensitive documents and information contained in filing systems, and the disruption caused when the furniture is being moved from office to office. But now this disruption can be significantly reduced with the help of mobile self storage, which allows office moves to be achieved with reduced hassle and stress to staff, managers and clients. Don’t worry about travelling between locations; bring the storage straight to your door.

Office delivery

One of the biggest positives associated with mobile self storage solutions is the delivery of your perfect storage unit straight to your door. Rather than having to travel into your nearest storage facility with your items, you can simply call your local team and ask them to drop your unit off at a location of your choice. This enables you to load up your items that have been chosen for storage without having to hire a van and transport them elsewhere. Of course, once your office furniture, appliances or files are loaded up in your unit, you can then have it picked up at a time that suits you and have it taken away without having to experience the inconvenience and hassle of travelling.

Far to go? No problem

A long-distance move can seem like a hassle, especially when you have an office full of furniture and equipment to transport. You’re desperate to disrupt your employees as little as possible but it can take days to set up your furniture in your new property. Mobile storage helps you avoid this problem. By hiring self storage experts in advance, you can have them drop off your storage unit at your convenience, giving you the time to load up your furniture in advance. Once finished, your experts will take your unit away and have it ready and waiting at the other end. Delivered when you need it, your unit can be unloaded in advance of your team’s arrival, so you can set up your new office straight away and get them back to work in no time.

Holding onto files

Once you’ve moved location it’s sometimes difficult to keep hold of your old paperwork. Perhaps you’ve downsized and you need to lose as much as possible. Perhaps you want to keep your paperwork safe and secure. Perhaps you’re just ready to have more space in your office to keep staff happy. Whatever your reason for removing excess paperwork, self storage is the ideal solution and will allow you to keep it at another location, safe in the knowledge that it’s in good hands.

Your paperwork may seem unnecessary now, but it could be important to have records and documents on hand in the future. This is easy to achieve with mobile storage, which can be delivered to your office ready for you to load it up with files, folders and piles of paperwork. Very flexible, mobile units can be picked up at your convenience, so there’s no need to rush the sorting. Once full, your unit will then be whisked away to a safe facility and stored ready for an audit or a surprise inspection. Don’t throw away your important information for the sake of space, take advantage of storage facilities and make sure you never lose a thing.

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