The ultimate bachelor pad – clearing space for the home of your dreams

It’s every man’s dream to have the perfect bachelor pad where he can entertain friends, relax and enjoy his favourite hobbies without the pressure of living with parents or messy friends. But it’s impossible to have the perfect singleton home without making sure you keep on top of the untidiness. De-clutter and rearrange your home so you can make your home into the bachelor pad of your dreams.

De-clutter your home

The first step in making sure you have the perfect bachelor pad is to de-clutter your home. A good start is to sort through your possessions slowly and carefully, room by room, and work out exactly what needs to stay and what needs to go. Anything that’s no longer used or required in the future can be removed from your home and thrown away, and anything that you may need at some point in the future can go into storage.

Storing your items doesn’t have to be difficult. With mobile self storage you can hire a storage team to deliver the perfect storage unit straight to your front door, so everything you don’t need but you’d like to keep can be kept safe and sound in a secure storage facility. Your storage team will even drop it there for you in your mobile container, so you don’t need to travel with your items at all. Just pack and send it on its way.

Rearrange your furniture

Once all of your clutter and mess has been removed you can begin rearranging your home. This may mean completely rearranging your rooms or it could just mean moving furniture around to give each room a fresh and more open feel. The living room is a perfect starting point as it’s often the largest room and the easiest to change. Try an alternative arrangement to breathe new life into your room without having to redecorate.


Unfortunately, redecorating is sometimes inevitable. If you just need a lick of paint in every room then the process should be simple and relatively pain free. Try organising your colour scheme in advance, making sure that the colours are bright and exciting but not too over powering. Lighter colours are also the best to choose if you want your room to appear larger, while a dark feature wall can draw your visitors’ eyes to certain features in your room that you’re proud of, such as a large widescreen television or an impressive view.

Of course, if you require further redecoration you may need to call in the professionals. A kitchen or bathroom refitting can be done on a budget but without experience you may require the help of accredited builders, plumbers and electricians to ensure that your home is safe and ready to be enjoyed. During large building projects it may be beneficial to put some of your items into storage to avoid accidental damage or dust from ruining your favourite things. Kitchen refittings are the most intrusive, so you may need to remove small appliances until it’s over and your home is ready for guests. Again, you can choose the colour and style of your new suites based on the theme of your home, while trying to ensure they’re relatively neutral so they don’t need to be replaced if you change your mind.  Neutral suites are also ideal if you’re considering selling your home in the next ten years, as they’re less likely to put off a potential buyer.

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