Storing your collectables

Sometimes it is hard to keep all of your most fragile and collectable items at home with you due to the fact that you’re permanently worried about their safety. However, the alternative of having them sent away is often even more difficult to bear. But fear not, with the help of mobile self storage you can ensure that your fragile and collectable items are transferred and stored perfectly, so you can have peace of mind throughout their time away from home.

Packing your collectables

If you decide to put your collectable and fragile items into storage then it’s vital that they are correctly packaged in advance to avoid any breakages or damage during the moving process. An organised packing system is likely to be the most efficient way of sorting through your items, with each object being placed in a large amount of bubble wrap or similarly safe packing material before being transferred to a secure and padded storage box ready to go into storage. Some of your more fragile items such as vases and other open bowls can have packaging and padding stuffed inside to ensure that they have sufficient support internally. This will help prevent unnecessary breakages or cracks if they hit a bump during their journey to the storage facility.

Mobile self storage is an ideal method of transporting fragile and collectable items, particularly for those who are nervous about transporting their most precious items themselves. Mobile self storage units can be delivered to your front door and will be chosen for your based on the type and number of items you’re storing, so you don’t pay for more storage than you need. The storage team will wait patiently at the storage facility for you to pack your items in the way in which you feel most comfortable, however long that may take, before taking over the journey home and using their advanced storage and delivery experience to ensure that your possessions arrive safely at the facility in the same condition in which they left your home.

Putting fragile items into storage

Once your fragile items and collectables have arrived at their storage facility they will be taken to the correct area and stored safely for as long as required. During their stay at the facility, your items will remain in exactly the same condition as that in which they left your home, without any breaks or damage at all. The facility’s 24 hour surveillance also ensures that no unauthorised persons have any access at all to your unit. However, it is still very easy for you to gain access, should you feel the need to check your items and make sure they arrived safe and sound.

If at any point you would like your items delivered back to you and stored in your home it is possible to use the same mobile self storage solution to have it delivered, without any added inconvenience to you. Choose a time that suits your schedule and then have the storage team deliver your unit straight to your front door, just as before. Once delivered, your storage unit can be unpacked at your convenience, so you can ensure that every item is in perfect condition before letting it take pride of place in your home. Mobile self storage is the ideal solution for those wishing to move delicate items between home and self storage while having peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that each item is in perfect condition.

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