Self storage for your online business
Online businesses are becoming increasingly popular, particularly since the recessions hit the UK. Thousands of people are now running their business from home through large auction websites, online marketplaces and even through their own websites. Of course, every online product based business requires products and stock, and this means that storage space is an important aspect of running your own company from home.
Why do you need self storage?

 Online businesses, unlike traditional businesses, are often based at home or in a small office space that’s not large enough to provide a great deal of storage. Where traditional companies will often buy or rent warehouses in order to store their products and excess stock, home businesses are stuck using back rooms, corridors and garages to keep their business afloat. However, with the help of self storage, this no longer needs to be the case. Self storage facilities allow business owners to keep their stock in a safe and secure location without being tied down to garage rental or having to purchase a warehouse. With the duration of the storage package completely flexible, self storage is ideal for keeping items secure while providing business owners with the option of prolonging or reducing their storage time as and when it suits their business interests.

As well as this, self storage can be easily accessed by those renting it, so you can remove or add your stock and equipment whenever you need to. Of course, if additional stock renders your current storage unit too small, you can also increase the size of your storage space without having to change storage facility. Your storage company will even move your items for you if you require help. This makes it fast and easy to store your business products without having to commit to an inflexible warehouse facility or permanent storage solution.
Mobile self storage
Self storage is a great solution for online and home-based businesses, but mobile self storage options can be even better suited to those working from home or a small office. Rather than storing large quantities of stock and products throughout your small premises or your home, you can transfer your products to a safe storage facility. If you’re a small business it may be that you struggle to transfer large quantities of products and stock to a storage area, and as such it might be necessary for you to look into van hire. This can be costly and inconvenient, and so instead you can turn to mobile self storage as an efficient solution to your storage and transport needs.
Similar to traditional self storage, mobile self storage allows you to store as many products as you like in a safe and secure storage facility. However, unlike normal storage services, mobile storage provides you with the option of having your storage unit delivered to you. From the comfort of your home or office, you can pack up all of your excess items without having to transport them at all. Avoid all the fuss and hassle by storing them away right outside your front door. Once you’ve finished packing your items, you can then send the unit on its way with the storage company, who will take it back to the facility and have it safely stored and ready for you to access at any time. Why waste time and money with warehouses and rentals when you can have the convenient, flexibility and cost effective solution of mobile self storage.

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