Moving with children – planning ahead and storage solutions

The process of moving is often a difficult one as it is but the addition of children to the mix can make it even harder. With so many practical and emotional considerations involved in the process, it’s important that the children are made to feel comfortable and included throughout the process to avoid confusion and help them make the mental and physical transition to their new home and new life.

Plan ahead

It’s important to plan ahead when it comes to moving, but this is even more important when children are involved. The first consideration to make when you’re choosing your new home is the location, including the nurseries and schools nearby. If you’re choosing your forever home you want to make sure the local amenities and facilities are the right ones for your family. Once you’ve picked a favourite location take the time to visit the schools and local area to make sure it’s the right home for your children.

It’s not easy to plan everything in advance, but it is possible to plan ahead to ensure that you are in as much control as possible on the day of your move. To begin, you should organise the items that you’re taking with you and the ones that can be stored and left behind until required. Mobile self storage makes this process easy if you have planned ahead. Just call your self storage company and have them deliver your storage unit to your home. Then pack up your items ahead of time so you have a few less things to worry about on the day.

Planning your children’s day ahead of time is also beneficial. Of course you want to make sure it is a positive experience for them and that they’re safe and sounds throughout the move. Entertainment, food and water is vital if you’re planning a long journey and you may even need to include toilet breaks. It’s also vital to keep them involved throughout the day. By planning ahead you can ensure they’re included where possible and out of the way when required. From day one, children can be involved in the decision making process, from the location to their bedroom, and the process of unpacking your self storage unit at the other end can also involve the children so they feel part of the move.

Stay positive

It’s easy to become overwhelmed on moving day but it’s important to stay positive throughout to ensure that your children remain entertained and interested in the process. If family and friends are available to look after them for half of the day then this may give you the opportunity to complete all of the most stressful parts of the move without them.

Once you have arrived at your new home a positive approach is more likely to make them feel at home. Rather than focusing on the home you’ve left behind you can help them use their possessions to recreate a familiar scene in their bedroom, so they feel at home. Playing games and planning evening entertainment in advance will also keep them occupied and distracted from the day’s events, so they can focus on enjoying their new home rather than on the stress and tiredness that often accompanies a large move.

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