Moving out – storing your items until you start your new life

Moving out of your childhood home is never easy, but it’s exciting to start a new life with your partner or friend. Unfortunately, it’s likely that your new home will have less space than you’re the one you are about to leave, and therefore it may be important for you to limit the number of items you’re taking with you to your new home.

Planning your move

Planning your move in advance will help you to establish what items you do and do not require at your new house. There may be a number of basic items such as sofas, wardrobes, tables and chairs that are already included in your new home or taken care of by your new house mate. However, it is important that you find out exactly what you do and do not have early on so any items that are missing from your inventory can be found before your moving day. Planning in advance will also give you the chance to ask friends and family for a favours, as many of them may have spare furniture lying around that could be looking for a new home.

Planning ahead also allows you to store up any furniture you can acquire in a storage facility. Before you move into your home you may require an area large enough to store furniture and appliances until your moving day. If your parents’ home is not large enough to accommodate these items then a storage unit is the perfect alternative and provides a flexible and secure storage space at a very low price. Available as a mobile service, self storage is ideal for holding your items until they are ready to go into your new home. The mobile aspect of the service also helps to keep the process running smoothly with minimal effort and very little direction, so you can sit back and relax before the big day arrives. Mobile self storage can be delivered to your door in advance and then driven back to the facility by a professional storage expert, so you don’t have to travel at all. In fact, those moving a large distance may benefit from hiring a storage company local to the new area so it can be filled with larger items and sent over to the nearest facility to the new home to await your arrival.

Making a choice

Before you move to your new home you have to begin making choices about which items you want to keep and which items can be thrown away. Storing the items for your new home will allow you to prepare for your move, but self storage can also be used to store your additional furniture until you have more space. Perhaps you need to move all of your items out of your parents’ house, or maybe you want to save items for your next house move. Whatever you reason for hiring a self storage service, you can be sure that you’ll find a flexible and efficient solution to your problems, so you can have complete peace of mind throughout your move.

With mobile self storage it’s also easy to make decisions about your furniture when you’ve moved to your new home. Larger storage companies will be happy to transport your items for you, ensuring that they arrive safely at either your new home or the nearest storage area, ready for you to unpack and arrange in your house.

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