Moving back home: mobile self storage for those returning to the nest

So you’ve finished your university course or returned from your global travels and now you need somewhere to stay. Naturally, your first port of call before you get your dream job and earn your millions is the comforting home where you spent your childhood, but moving all of your new trinkets and trophies back into your humble childhood bedroom may not be as easy as you first think. So before you return to the home of mum and dad, it might be wise to consider self storage as a practical alternative to dragging all of your belongings back home with you.

Self storage: the benefits

As a graduate or newly returned traveller, you may find that you’ve stored up more than you could possibly drive back home, but you don’t want to throw away everything you’ve collected over your exciting few years away. Although often considered expensive and very rigid, self storage with the right company is cheaper than storage in a rented garage or warehouse and will give you the option of keeping all of your treasure possessions without having to take them all home with you. The storage packages available are also flexible, so you can choose the storage options that are right for you and your items, rather than a set package.

The benefits of using self storage will also be obvious once you return to your family home. Rather than filling your room and the rest of the house with unwanted clutter and large pieces of excess furniture, you can hide them all away in a safe and secure location. As safe as they would be in your own home, your items will be under 24hours surveillance and subject to constant security to checks by dedicated staff. Even if you’re unsure whether you want to keep all of your excess items, you can give yourself the time to decide without relinquishing the space you need with the help of flexible self storage options.

Mobile self storage

Mobile self storage is even more beneficial than regular self storage. Rather than requiring you to drop your items off at your chosen storage facility, mobile self storage can be ordered in advance and delivered to your front door. Chosen based on your specifications, the right size unit can be dropped off at your convenience and filled whenever you choose. This gives you the flexibility of being able to work your packing around your schedule, and not around the schedule of a moving van.

Once packed, your mobile storage unit can be collected by storage experts whenever you choose and delivered to your chosen storage facility. Not only does this help you to avoid transporting your items, but it also helps you to avoid making multiple long trips if you’re trying to transport a large number of items over a long distance.  Rather than cramming your items into your car, you can fit everything comfortably into your storage unit, which can be taken away and delivered to any location without any fuss.

Mobile self storage also reduces the overall cost of storing your items by removing the need for van hire and reducing fuel costs. This is particularly helpful for anyone on a student or post-travel budget who is looking for safe storage without the high price tag. With flexible student pages often available, it is also possible to choose a storage package that fits for your exact time schedule, so you don’t end up paying for storage you don’t need.

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