Moving abroad – the benefit of self storage

Moving abroad can be even more stressful than moving within the UK but with the right planning and help in place that doesn’t need to be the case. Coordinating removals, endless paperwork and the signing of contracts can be tricky but an efficient system put together before your move takes place can ensure that everything runs smoothly when the big day finally arrives.

International removal companies

There are a number of removal options to choose from when moving your items abroad, many of which can be organised in advance by a single removals firm. An international moving company can organise your whole move in advance and make sure your items make it from A to B safe and sound. Mobile self storage is ideal in this situation. Delivered straight to your front door, mobile storage solutions involve the delivery of a storage unit to your home, which can then be packed whenever you’re ready and to your standards, so you know your items are safe on their journey.

Once you’ve finished packing you can decide where your items are taken. It is possible to use mobile storage to move your items to a local facility so you can keep them in your original country. This is ideal if you don’t have the time or the means to transport all of your furniture across but you want to keep them for use in the future.  For example, if you’d like to move back to your original home in the future it may be beneficial to keep furniture and other necessary items available to you so you don’t have to refurnish your home. It’s also possible, however, to have your mobile storage unit transported abroad, where it can be delivered straight to your front door for unpacking or kept in an international storage facility until you’re ready to access your items. This service is perfect for helping you move your items abroad with minimal fuss and minimal likelihood of damage, which is a risk if you choose to move your items with the more basic companies, who often give little thought to the safety and security of your items.

Create a home from home

International storage solutions are perfect for helping you create a home from home before you arrive to permanently live in your new house. Able to be transported in advance by your storage company, mobile storage solutions can be taken to your new home and unpacked before you transfer your whole family advance. This means that you can move into your new home with furniture and familiar items already in place, making the move easier for everyone.

Although smaller pieces of furniture are easy to move in advance, self storage makes it possible to move larger pieces of furniture. If you don’t have any spare then this may leave your old home sparse and a little bare, but this process will not only help you bond with your new home, but also help you to detach yourself from your old home.

When creating a home from home it’s also important to get to know the local area so you feel more comfortable when you arrive. Find out where the local amenities and facilities are, including the post office, doctor and supermarket, as well as any other important areas, such as the local school if you have children. Make sure you have as few surprises as possible when you finally commit to moving abroad.

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