Mobile storage - clearing your garden for winter

It’s lovely to spend the short burst of English summer enjoying your garden and all of the garden furniture and accessories that you’ve had hidden away in your shed for the year. However, it is always very disappointing to find that your garden storage facilities haven’t done the best job of keeping everything in the best condition. Although this is a nightmare scenario at the start of the summer, there is now a solution thanks to mobile self storage.

Garden furniture and self storage

There are so many items that you can buy for your garden ready for summer, all of which have to be safely stored away during the winter periods. From your mountain bike and children’s scooters to your barbeque and your garden furniture, there are so many ways to enjoy your garden in the summer months and so its vital to ensure that all of your possessions are kept in tip top condition so that you can enjoy them as much as possible when the sunny weather finally makes an appearance.

Traditionally many people keep their bicycles, garden toys and furniture in their shed or greenhouse, but often these aren’t made to keep out the weather. This results in rusty bikes and rotting wicker, which will be useless when summer arrives. Rather than relying on these traditional storage methods it is possible to pay a small monthly cost and enjoy the benefits and privileges associated with self storage. Easy to access and perfect for items of any size, shape or weight, self storage is the ideal solution to your garden furniture woes.

Mobile storage options

Mobile self storage is the perfect garden storage solution. Even more efficient than traditional self storage, mobile storage can be delivered straight to your front door, or your garden gate, so you can pack away your items whenever you have the time. However big or small your items, your storage team will drop off the perfect storage unit so you can fit everything into the same container and store them for as long as the winter weather lasts.

As soon as you’ve packed away your garden furniture you can have your storage unit picked up. This helps you to avoid the process of transporting your items yourself, so you can just get ready for winter without worrying about the safety and security of your possessions.

Self storage facilities

Once safe in the storage facilities your summer garden furniture will remain secure all year round. Under constant 24 hour surveillance, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your furniture will remain in the same condition in which you packed it away. Each of the storage containers contained in the facility are weather proof, so you can be sure that the wind, rain, damp and dust will also be kept safely away from your items throughout the duration of their stay.

The length of time for which you choose to store your items can be changed at any time and can be tailored to suit you. Don’t pay for storage you don’t need during the summer months. Instead you can have your container delivered back to your home where it can be unpacked ready for the sunny weather. At this point, your storage package can be cancelled and then renewed at your convenience when you’d like your items to go back into the storage facility. Make sure you keep your garden furniture in top condition year after year and avoid the dreaded damp that strikes over the winter months.   

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