Mobile self storage: De-clutter your business

It’s so easy to build up an excess of furniture, equipment, documents and appliances in your office or business premises. Constant updates and renewals of items can keep a steady flow of objects coming into the building, while the old furniture and fixtures lie unused in the corner, taking up much needed space. Particularly during a company expansion, the hiring or staff or a large project, this wasted space could be vital to keeping the company flowing and working well. So what can you do with all of the items you need to clear away?

De-cluttering your space

Before you even think about storage options it’s important to begin de-cluttering your office and throwing away any items that are no longer needed. From old furniture to disused computers, broken desks to past office Christmas party decorations, you may find there area plenty of items that can be thrown away, and therefore saving space without the need for additional storage space. Of course, whilst sorting through you’re furniture and equipment you may find that there area a number of things that could be reused in the future, whether they’re used on an annual basis or just the ideal spare for your current office equipment. If this is the case then it may be beneficial to turn to self storage to keep your items safe and out of the way.

The benefits of mobile self storage

Self storage is a hugely effective means of storing your office clutter and clearing space in your building. Removing distractions and clearing more room for your staff, de-cluttering can be fast and painless when the right methods are chosen. Mobile self-storage is the perfect long and short term solution to your office storage needs, merging the benefits of storage while removing the hassle of travelling to your nearest storage facility or transporting large quantities of office furniture via a hired van.

Travelling to your storage unit could prove difficult, particularly if you are transporting office furniture. With mobile self storage you can have all the benefits of storage facilities without any of the hassle. Call your storage company and arrange for the delivery of a mobile self storage unit, which can be brought straight to the front door of your office and packed at your convenience. At a size chosen by you, your unit can be packed to your specifications and picked up at your convenience, removing the need for travel or transportation. Once picked up, your unit will be driven to the facility and stored safely, ready for you to visit or request delivery when you need to access the items inside.

Packing your items

The mobile self storage service is faster and more convenient than traditional self storage, but it can sometimes be difficult to find time to pack your unit yourself. This is no problem if you take advantage of the packing service offered by most self storage companies. Your storage experts will travel to your office, pack up your items neatly and securely, and make sure they’re ready to be store for as long as you require. Using this efficient service, you can get on with running your business, safe in the knowledge that your items are in safe hands throughout the duration of their time in storage.

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