Downsizing your home – storing your extra items

When you move to a new home you often need to remove excess furniture and other additional items from your home but this is never more the case than during a downsize. Leading to a reduction in house size by definition, a downsize will often leave you with less space for your possessions and so should prompt a large de-clutter to ensure only the essentials are moved over to your new home.

Should you downsize?

Making the decision to downsize is not easy and, if done in the wrong circumstances, can make it difficult for the homeowner to climb up the property ladder afterwards. However, if completed in the right circumstances, a downsize can leave you with more money to play with and a home you’ve always dreamed of without the stress of a large area to look after. This is often the case when children decide to move out of their childhood home and parents are left with a large amount of space and fewer people to fill it. Although it’s difficult to leave a house full of childhood memories, it can also be beneficial to downsize and so release extra money for enjoying your now found free time rather than dwelling on the lower number of people living in your new home.

Older people are also likely to downsize due the difficulty that many have with maintaining their house and garden into their old age. As people begin to grow old and deteriorate, looking after a large house with stairs and a difficult outside area can not only be daunting but almost impossible. By moving to a smaller home, older people can maintain some of their freedom and independence for as long as possible.

Choosing what to take

When you downsize you need to decide what you should take with you and what should be discarded. Moving to a smaller home, it’s important that a number of items are removed to ensure that there is enough space to live happily in your new home. By removing any junk or clutter around your home you can save valuable space that would otherwise be wasted.

It is possible that there are a number of items around your home that aren’t junk but cannot be taken to the new home. If this is the case and the items are to be saved for the future, the best solution is self storage, which can be adapted to your needs and will allow you to keep hold of items that otherwise would not have fitted in your new home, such as excess furniture.

Mobile self storage

Mobile self storage is the ideal solution for those considering downsizing due to its flexibility and ease of use, unlike traditional self storage, mobile storage can be delivered directly to your door, so you can pack your excess items without having to travel to a facility. This is particularly useful for older and busier people, who struggle to find the time and energy to transport items from their home to a storage area. Once packed away, the storage container will be transferred by storage professionals to a secure warehouse facility and will be subject to surveillance 24 hours a day, so you can be sure that your items are in safe hands. For both short term and long term storage solutions, mobile self storage is the most effective, efficient and cost effective storage solution around, particularly for those who are downsizing and require the perfect place to store their items.

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