Clearing your garage – making use of your storage space

When you have a garage attached to your home it’s very easy to begin using it as extra storage space. First it’s just the paint pots that find their way inside, then the bike starts to take it’s place next to the wall, and before you know it you can no longer fit your car inside and it’s residing outside on the lawn. If this sounds like your home then it might be time to take control and turn your garage into a garage again.

Clearing clutter

The first step in reclaiming your garage is to get rid of any clutter that’s lying around inside. Anything that has been stored for the sake of it and is no longer needed should be thrown away. Old clothes, almost-empty paint pots, dry paint brushes and rusty nails can all be thrown away. Larger items should also be considered for the bin or the dump, including old televisions and appliances, and even bikes that are no longer required and not in good enough condition to pass one.

Anything that you don’t need but can’t bear to throw away could be sold online or in a yard sale. There are many websites that specialise in helping people get rid of items that still have some use left, and they can be a good means of getting a little extra cash, too. Sort your items so that anything in good condition but no longer required or wanted can be cleaned up and sold on. Auction websites and listings websites are particularly helpful, allowing you to be targeted by those who are seeking the items you’re selling, and so increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Finding extra storage

It’s likely that you’ll have a number of items left that you want to keep but can’t find space for. This is where extra storage comes in handy, such as the mobile self storage solutions offered by the best storage companies. Easy to arrange and flexible around your needs, mobile self storage includes the delivery of a mobile storage unit to your home, where you can pack at your leisure before sending it off to a storage facility for safe keeping.

You can store as many items as you like and the storage unit sent to you will be chosen based on your requirements. Even if you require storage for large furniture or appliances you can choose a larger container, which you can fill on your own or with the help of an expert storage team.

Using your garage

Once your storage team have taken away all of your excess clutter, you can then begin to rearrange your garage and even redecorate. Weather proofing is an important start and will ensure that your car stays dry and ice free during the winter months. If your garage has not been used as such for many years you may find that there are a number of areas that need addressing in order to revive the room to its former state and making it appropriate for storing a car.

Once your garage is clean and weather proof you can begin redecorating. Perhaps use some of the half-empty paint cans to add a splash of colour to the walls and make it more inviting when you arrive home. Modern technology, such as electric doors and under floor heating will also make your garage more homely and increase your likelihood of using it to its full potential in the future.

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