Clearing out your clutter – choosing what to store and what you throw away

The task of de-cluttering your home can seem like a tedious and daunting one, but once you’re finished your home will feel much more spacious and will be easier to turn into the house of your dreams. Using our tips below you can achieve your perfect home and make the most of the furnishings and possessions that you really want to keep in your house. Don’t be scared to de-clutter, face it head on and make your messy house into a home again.

De-clutter each room at a time

The first rule of de-cluttering your home is to approach each room separately. It’s likely that you’ll make a large mess in the process of sorting through each room but this is far easier to cope with if you can escape to another area of the house. This doesn’t mean it needs to be done on another week or even on another day, but targeting each room individually will help you keep on top of your clutter.

Be brave

It’s not always easy to throw things away, especially if they were once valuable or are sentimental to you. However, if you want the space to make the most of the things you really love then you need to clear out those things that you’re not quite sure about or will never use again. As you search through each item, decide whether or not it’s something that will be useful in the future, or something that would be worth handing down to your children such as photographs or jewellery. If you really don’t think you’ll ever look at it again then perhaps it’s time to throw it away.

Be practical

When considering practical items such as batteries, paint and cutlery, it’s important to be as practical as the items themselves. If you have a draw of batteries only half of which work then it might be time to throw the other half away. On a similar note, a tin or paint can be very handy, but a tin with only a small amount of dried up paint in the bottom won’t ever be used, so throw it out. Cutlery and other kitchen essentials such as plates and glasses should also be considered. There’s no point throwing away useful items, but broken glasses that you cant bear to part with and plates from your kids’ childhood won’t ever be used again and are taking up valuable space.

Don’t be afraid to keep things

It’s not all about throwing things away. An important part of de-cluttering your home is making sure you keep the things that aren’t clutter. Whether they’re sentimental trinkets or excess pieces of furniture that you don’t want to discard, it’s likely that there will be some items in your home that you want to remove but want to keep. This is where mobile self storage comes in. By hiring a mobile self storage company you can have a storage contained delivered to your home at only a small cost. Ready for you to pack, the container can be filled at your leisure and will then be taken away by the storage team to be safely stored at the nearest facility. There’s no need for you to travel or hire a van, with mobile self storage you can have all the benefits of storing your excess items without the cost, the hassle or the inconvenience of having items stored all over your home.

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