Baby on the way? Make some room with mobile self storage

A new arrival is exciting for everyone but this happy event doesn’t come without complications. Along with the sleepless nights, the constant crying and the significant increase in your level of responsibility, you also have to deal with the large influx of baby items and equipment that will take over your home. From clothes and toys to beds, baths and blankets, it’s important to clear plenty of room before you introduce a new little person into your home.

Moving furniture

Furniture takes up a lot of space in your home and, with a baby on the way, that’s space that could be put to better use. Your first step in clearing your home should be to identify all of the different pieces of furniture around your home and consider which of them are used and which are not. Those that are used for purely decorative purposes and those that wouldn’t be missed should then be removed from the home and stored elsewhere.

Mobile self storage is the perfect way of storing furniture as it can be chosen based on the size you need. If you’re looking to store large quantities of furniture then you can choose a larger container than those only looking to store, and pay for, a small amount of furniture to be stored. Mobile storage units are also extremely convenient, being delivered straight to your door so you can concentrate on planning for your baby rather than travelling. Just pack your furniture into the container at your convenience and let the storage team take it back to the secure storage facility where it will remain under 24 hour watch until you’re ready to remove it or sell it.

Storing appliances

Appliances can also be sold or removed to make room for baby furniture. Although larger appliances such as dishwashers can be useful during your child’s life, other appliances such as ice cream makers and bread machines could be put into storage until there’s more space available for luxury items. Self storage facilities are also perfect for appliances and you can choose the perfect size for your items, so you won’t end up paying for a large, empty container. Of course, if you’re looking to store other items then it’s cost effective to store them all in the same container, and therefore all of your items can be packed into your unit once it has been delivered to your home.

Discarding unused possessions

Naturally, when you begin to remove unwanted items from your home you’re bound to come across many possessions that could be discarded, such as broken electronics, old televisions or worn beds. Rather than paying for self storage it is more practical and cost effective for you to take them to the local dump. If you’re sure you have items that you no longer want but are still in good condition then you could make alternative arrangements. Commonly, charity shops are a good alternative to self storage and discarding items and allow you to give a little back in the process of de-cluttering your home. It’s also possible, however, to sell your unwanted items, and so make a little extra money to contribute to your new life with your new baby. Online auction websites and local advertisements are the best methods of advertising items for sale, and often see fast results, so you don’t need to worry about keeping unwanted furniture in your home for very long.

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